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Monterey Teen Ministry...chasing after God together! 


We love being family together as we chase after God together.  We all seek to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and you can find MTM seeking God every day.  You might find us in downtown LA on Skid Row, in the mountains of New Mexico, playing volleyball on a Monday night or having a picnic together on a Sunday night.  Wherever you find us we hope you are glad to meet us.  We are sure we will love to meet you too!

Below you will find upcoming events, forms, and a youth calendar to help you know what is coming soon in MTM.  You can also find a link to our Youth Team that will help you get in touch with us.  And you can also find our blog that we occasionally update.

If you have any questions or we can help you get connected, feel free to contact us. 

Eric Opton - or office 806.795.5201


Happening Soon

There is always something just around the corner.  From Bible Study and Small groups that happen every week to the retreats and mission trips there are lots of ways to join with us as we chase after God together.  Below are a few ways to connect and be a part of what God is doing here with Monterey Teen Ministry.

June 4-10

June 4-10

Pine Springs Camp 6-12th Grade

Start your summer off with a great week of camp!  We spend a week in the mountains of New Mexico at Pine Springs Camp.  Great worship, time to spend with God, games, friends, and so much more.  Hopefully you will plan to join us this summer!

High School Bible Study and Volleyball is most Monday nights from 7-8:30pm.  STARTS BACK JANUARY 9TH.

High School Bible Study and Volleyball is most Monday nights from 7-8:30pm.  STARTS BACK JANUARY 9TH.

High School Bible Study and Volleyball

Most Monday nights you will find us in the Church gym playing some "extremely competitive" volleyball and digging into scripture together.  We also normally have some fresh baked cookies to make everything more awesome.

February 24-26 Dallas

February 24-26 Dallas

Love Lubbock - March 26

At least once a month we plan to team up with our MTM family to bless the city of Lubbock.  Our next Love LBK is March 26 and we are doing Random Acts of Wonderful.  So bring $3 to put together to bless Lubbock in some way and money to eat out afterwards.  Qualifications to participate include: willingness to serve and obviously you have to be awesome.  See you there!!

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