High School Six Flags

Had so much fun this weekend with the High School group at Six Flags!  Because of the school holiday for most on Monday we were able to change the pace a little and not have to rush to get to everything.  The pace of teens is so fast and only getting faster it seems so any time they get a chance to slow down and just be themselves seems to be an incredible relief.  We had a great time on the roller coasters and Zyrina really loves haunted houses, but it seems like the best time of all was playing spike ball and football in the parking lot of a Comfort Suites.  The thing I love most about the group that we get to spend life with is that they really actually love and care for each other.  Oh...and Steel City Pops in Fort Worth is a must go.  Have a great week!

Six Flags and Middle Schoolers

We had a great time at Six Flags with our Middle School group this past weekend!  That first big trip is always fun with new 6th graders.  They get to "manage" money, keep up with their group, learn how to use an elevator responsibly, and of course have a lot of fun.  It is so much fun to imagine what these crazies are going to do in their lives and to imagine the possibilities for their lives as they follow Jesus.  So thankful for the opportunities we have to experience following Jesus together and so thankful for an amazing group of parents who support their kids.  Adventure is out there!

Cleaning and Kickball

So blessed to work with teens whose hearts are turned towards God.  We went out to Town and Country Trailer Park to help out with some cleaning and moving in the Samelight Ministry building.  We also got to play some kickball with some of the kids who live at Town and Country.  What a fun night to build relationships and to help a great ministry out just a bit.  Amazed to see what God is doing through and in so many young people.  Probably the only downside to the whole adventure is that spiders exist.

LA sign ups begin today for High School!

Los Angeles Mission trip sign ups started for High School today!  I hope you are planning to go! I love the fact that we have so many relationships in another world and know and love people that we probably never would have met.


LA wrecked me, but in a way that has changed me profoundly.  When we see LA we normally see the “beautiful people” living “beautiful lives” in a city that only exists for a few.  The LA I know and love looks nothing like the television version.  The LA I know starts on Skid Row and Venice Beach and children at Union Rescue Mission.  These people are not always beautiful, they have rough edges and some may find them a little scary, but they are also far beyond any form of pretense and trying to be something they are not.  The people I know and love are real and they love “that group from Texas”.  I can’t wait to go see our friends and make new friends this year in Hollyweird and Skid Row.  We are praying now that God will send just the right group to love the City of Angels.