LA sign ups begin today for High School!

Los Angeles Mission trip sign ups started for High School today!  I hope you are planning to go! I love the fact that we have so many relationships in another world and know and love people that we probably never would have met.


LA wrecked me, but in a way that has changed me profoundly.  When we see LA we normally see the “beautiful people” living “beautiful lives” in a city that only exists for a few.  The LA I know and love looks nothing like the television version.  The LA I know starts on Skid Row and Venice Beach and children at Union Rescue Mission.  These people are not always beautiful, they have rough edges and some may find them a little scary, but they are also far beyond any form of pretense and trying to be something they are not.  The people I know and love are real and they love “that group from Texas”.  I can’t wait to go see our friends and make new friends this year in Hollyweird and Skid Row.  We are praying now that God will send just the right group to love the City of Angels.